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Streetcar /// Sock Set

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Inspired by the pastel palette and the iconic yellow streetcars that grace the city, this sock set combines a delightful blend of pastels and speckles of orange and yellow, with a bright yellow tonal reminiscent of the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal. 

This Sock Set features one full skein of Streetcar, and a 20g mini skein of it's complementary tonal: StaticThe pastel tones of Streetcar beautifully complement the bright yellow tone of Static, creating an ensemble that pays homage to this historic city. 

Just like an electric field created by static charge, the Lisbon streetcar creates an intangible energy that surrounds it. The clanging sound of the tram's bell, the hum of its wheels on the tracks, and the lively conversations of passengers contribute to this electrifying atmosphere that invigorates the senses. The streetcar becomes a conduit for the dynamic pulse of the city, carrying people from one destination to another while infusing the journey with a sense of excitement and possibility. 

Also, check out the Progress Keeper Charm I designed to go with these colorways!

The swatches in the photos are modified from sock patterns. Hopefully this will inspire your next sock cast on! The knit speckled swatch is based off of the Hearth Socks pattern by Dana Rae Makes. The tonal swatch with the bobbles is based off of the Pop Radio Socks pattern by Summer Lee Knits, combined with the Latvian braid. Either of these patterns would be perfect for this sock set! The crochet swatches are designed by a member of my crochet team, featuring Tunisian Crochet!