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Creative Liberty


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This item is retiring and never to be dyed again.

Inspired by the hidden vibrancies found along the streets of Las Palmas on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. This unique colorway represents my own creative liberty, reimagining the scene (shown in the last picture) by transforming the major colors into subtle undertones and accentuating the previously minor colors.⁠

In this speckled colorway, the captivating pink tones take center stage, creating a soft and inviting base that sets the tone for your creative projects. Delicately woven throughout the skein, a strip of purple/navy adds depth and intrigue, drawing you into its colorful tapestry. Sprinkled throughout are vivid accents of oranges, greens, and reds, like tiny fragments of the vibrant street scene that inspired this colorway.⁠

Pair Creative Liberty with Siesta or grab the sock set (linked here). The interplay of Siesta's jeweled pink tones with the captivating hues of Creative Liberty creates a symphony of color that celebrates the beauty of self-expression.⁠

Alternatively, unlock your own artistic vision by pairing Creative Liberty with my boldest tonal: Material Girl, or one of my favorite shop classics: Canna or Ultraviolet! In addition to full-size skeins, Creative Liberty is also available in a 20g mini set featuring other speckled colorways from the Yarn-ary Islands Collection.


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