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Introducing "Cobblestone" - Inspired by the picturesque cobblestone streets and paths of Gibraltar, this blue gray creates such a soothing palette.⁠

The subtle play of lilac undertones compounded with and overall base of fog gray, create such a beautiful semi-solid hue. It reflects the captivating coastal landscapes and the old-world charm of these historic locations.⁠

For a harmonious ensemble, pair "Cobblestone" with a speckled colorway, such as "Promenade" (Gibraltar) or "Fisherman's Hamlet" (Lanzarote). These combinations effortlessly capture the essence of coastal living, transporting you to serene seaside escapes and idyllic fishing villages. 

For an alternative pairing (as seen in the swatch photo), check out Beach Party! In addition to full-size skeins, Cobblestone is also available in a 20g mini set featuring other tonal colorways from the Yarn-ary Islands Collection. 

Swipe to see one of my favorite swatches! 


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