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Introducing "Flora" - Inspired by the pinkish-red bougainvillea plants that adorn the streets of Cadiz, this semi-solid tonal colorway captures the essence of the floral arrangements of Spanish Cities.⁠

Flora features a delicate yet radiant cerise red hue, reminiscent of the colorful bracts that envelop the small flowers of bougainvillea. Just like the intricate interweaving of these papery structures, Flora adds a touch of charm to your knitting and crochet projects.⁠

Pair this tonal colorway with its speckled counterpart: Golden Alley, or grab the sock set (linked here)! This combo reflects the natural beauty and elegance of the architecture and floral arrangements of Cadiz.

For an alternative pairing, consider combining Flora with Sail Away, where the pinks collide and stand out against the white backdrop. Flora is also available in a 10g mini set featuring other tonals from the Yarn-ary Islands Collection.


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