Letter Writer Collection Extras IN STOCK & Available Now! Letter Writer Collection Extras IN STOCK & Available Now!

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Letter Writer - Make Along Cards


This listing is for one pack of ten note cards. Down below, I explain the meaning behind creating this product, as well as a fun idea it can be used for. I will also be hosting a MAL on Instagram centered around the colorways from this collection.

Each order that contains these LWC colorways will be receiving one of the note cards along with your skeins! To enter, you must knit or crochet with the letter writer collection colorways, snap a picture of your work, and send off this card to someone who needs a little extra joy!  I will be hosting it on Instagram and drawing prizes at the end of the quarter. Use this hashtag on your post showcasing your project - #letterwritermal to participate. 

This collection has always been more than just pretty colorways. For me, the meaning behind them is what’s truly special. I didn’t just want to talk about the essence of letter writing; I actually wanted to participate in the craft. Not only that, but I of course wanted you all to join me! 

Personally, I’ve always loved the idea of letter writing! In a world where things seem to be going faster and faster, I love the contemplative nature of writing letters. A few years ago, I had a pen-pal that was quite elderly and we would write letters to each other on a pretty regular basis. Not until she passed did I realize what those letters truly meant to her and in retrospect what they meant to me. There’s actually a movie that I would recommend watching! It’s called the letter writer and I couldn’t recommend it more! How perfect would it be to knit on your collection colorway as well tuning in to this lovely movie!? 






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