We are back in office! Check out our OOAK Minis Collections! We are back in office! Check out our OOAK Minis Collections!

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Misfit Minis Collection - OOAK (Cool Tones)


25% off Applied at Checkout! (Collection of Five 20g Minis unless stated otherwise)

Are you looking for a one of a kind skein for a special project? I created most of these colorways with the hopes of making them shop staples, however for various reasons I decided not to. For instance one prototype could have too much blue in it for the look I'm going for, and so it becomes a misfit. With that being said, I think they are all quite beautiful!  

Another reason a colorway would fall into this listing is if a mistake occurs while dyeing in-stock colorways. An unwanted color on one product doesn't mean it won't be a joy to work with! ALL of the mistakes have nothing to do with the dye not adhering correctly, and everything to do with the color concentrations. 

To choose, select what base you want, and add to cart. Stock is incredibly limited and these will never be dyed again. If you see one you like, grab it while it lasts.


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