Part One of My Autumnal Collection 2023 is Available Now and Ready to Ship! Part One of My Autumnal Collection 2023 is Available Now and Ready to Ship!

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Pombaline /// Sock Set


Introducing my "Pombaline Sock Set" - Inspired by my favorite view in Lisbon, this sock set features one full skein of Pombaline, and a 20g mini skein of Terracotta.

Pombaline showcases a warm clay-toned base, with flecks of cobalt blue, flashes of neon purple, and a layer of sunshine yellow to ad a pop. Terracotta showcases a deep earthy clay color, reminiscent of the reddish-brown hues that define the terracotta ceramics used in Lisbon's architecture. 

There were many things on our trip that reminded me I was not in America anymore, but nothing truly showed me that fact quite like the sea of terracotta roofs peppering the pastel city of Lisbon! The moment we reached our lookout point (shown in the last picture), I knew I had to create these colorways!

The Pombaline style introduced an innovative construction technique called the "Pombaline cage" as a response to the devastating earthquake of 1755. This method involved using wooden frames filled with stone or rubble which made the buildings more flexible and resistant to earthquakes. Pombaline roofs are characterized by their simplicity, functionality, and practical design. Pitched roofs with moderate slopes, constructed using materials like Terracotta tiles or slate, are commonly found in this architectural style. The uniform arrangement of tiles or slates, along with the presence of chimneys, contributes to the distinctive appearance of Pombaline roofs.

All of this history and innovation comes together in the form of hand dyed yarn in my Pombaline colorway, and Terracotta is quite literally the icing on the cake!

The swatches in the photos are modified from sock patterns. Hopefully this will inspire your next sock cast on! The knit speckled swatch is based off of the Hearth Socks pattern by Dana Rae Makes. The tonal swatch with the bobbles is based off of the Pop Radio Socks pattern by Summer Lee Knits, combined with the Latvian braid. Either of these patterns would be perfect for this sock set! The crochet swatches are designed by a member of my crochet team, featuring Tunisian Crochet!


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