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Archipelago /// Sock Set

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This Sock Set features one full skein of Archipelago and a 20g skein of Seaglass. It is a fusion of vivid greens and light-blues that creates a visual tapestry that captures the essence of the Canary Islands Archipelago.

Archipelago is inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Canary islands, this speckled colorway showcases a rich variegated green base, reminiscent of the lush vegetation that flourishes across the Canary Islands. The vibrant splashes of purple and blue intertwine, mirroring the enchanting hues of the islands' landscapes, from volcanic peaks to azure coastal waters. The light speckling of yellow adds a touch of brightness from warm sunshine that bathes the archipelago.

Seaglass is a semi-solid, light-blue, tonal colorway captures the essence of soft, serene blues, reminiscent of the shimmering seaglass found along the coastline. Imagine strolling along the sandy shores, collecting treasures of seaglass glistening under the sun. Let the delicate variations in blue shades of Seaglass transport you to blissful beachside moments. 

The swatches in the photos are modified from sock patterns. Hopefully this will inspire your next sock cast on! The knit speckled swatch is based off of the Hearth Socks pattern by Dana Rae Makes. The tonal swatch with the bobbles is based off of the Pop Radio Socks pattern by Summer Lee Knits, combined with the Latvian braid. Either of these patterns would be perfect for this sock set! The crochet swatches are designed by a member of my crochet team, featuring Tunisian Crochet!