When Will I Get My Order??

Flowers Gone Wild pre-orders are estimated to ship mid October. We are using the ship-as-you-go method, meaning that once ALL items in your order are processed, it will be sent out on our next shipping day. You will receive tracking info when your order is ready to ship.

If you see an item in the shop that is available and does not say "pre-order", it is in-stock and ready to ship!


In the Dye Pans

  • Edelweiss

In Queue

  1. Lilacs at Midnight
  2. Snapdragon
  3. In My Flower Era
  4. In Bloom
  5. Periwinkle Lace
  6. Waterlily
  7. Urban Garden
  8. Troika
  9. Wisteria
  10. Larkspur
  11. Meadowsweet
  12. Sapphire Tower
  13. Dandelion Wish
  14. Succulent
  15. Floating Flower Market Minis
  16. Thorned Beauty
  17. Happy Place Minis
  18. Wildflowers
  19. Tulip Fields

On the drying racks

  • Glowing Indigo
  • Bells of Ireland



  • Beach Party (Restock)

Recently Completed 

  • Dauntless OOAK
  • Nautical OOAK
  • July Rewards OOAK


Pre-orders will only ship once all items in an order are marked as "Completed". When you receive a shipping notification, this means that your order has printed from our system - please allow a few days for it to actually ship. Thank you!

(All in-stock purchases have a 5-8 day processing time for US orders)


This page was last updated on July 19th, 2024