Part One of My Autumnal Collection 2023 is Available Now and Ready to Ship! Part One of My Autumnal Collection 2023 is Available Now and Ready to Ship!

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Our Story

Our Story

Hello and welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

My name is Addy, and I am the Yarn Dyer and Artist behind Ruby and Roses Yarn. Here's a little bit of info about how I went from starting solo in my parents' garage to dyeing up two ovens-worth of yarn a day with my now husband and two full time employees! Our dreams are made possible because of your incredible support!!

I have been interested in the fiber arts since I was 8 years old, creating and selling my own crafts at art shows and farmers’ markets, finally honing my skills and passions to start a business producing hand dyed artistic yarn. 

My great grandmother, Ruby, was very artistic. Even though I did not have the opportunity to meet her, I was inspired by the heirlooms she created, each with its own unique style and creativity. Roses have always been my favorite flower, particularly those that are ruby red. So, I honored her legacy by naming my business, Ruby and Roses Yarn. 

Since our founding in 2020 I have been dyeing the highest quality speckled, variegated, and tonal yarn available, and marketing my colorways through Instagram and YouTube both directly to knitters and crocheters, and also to yarn stores worldwide! Ruby and Roses Yarn is best known for showcasing uniquely powerful, eye-catching color palettes for every style. I love to evoke a certain mood in each of my colorway collections. Whether vibrant jewel tones, or delicate pastels, each bursts with color!

Now, after a few years of dyeing yarn on my own, Devin, my husband, has joined me full time! This change has proved to be one of the most amazing adventures ever, and one that we will never take for granted! While I still dye all of the speckled yarn, he helps so much with HR, website development, wholesale account management, and all things technology. We are in over a dozen stores worldwide, and have sold yarn to makers in 25 countries. Most importantly, we have built a dedicated following who embrace and support our brand, of which we are so incredibly grateful!  


Mission Statement

At Ruby and Roses Yarn, our mission is to be more than just a hand dyed yarn company. Our drive is to empower makers to infuse every stitch with intention and meaning. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we meticulously craft our speckled, variegated, and tonal yarn to ensure classic beauty and of course, versatility. We strive to offer a range of color palettes that evoke emotions, and spark creativity, allowing makers to create pieces that reflect their own personal style and vision. Together, we can weave stories, memories, and favorite colors into pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Want To Stock Our Yarn??

Create an account on our site and email us at for more information and to set your account as wholesale.



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