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10g Mini /// OOAK April Colorway



Available for 180 SPECKLES using the rewards icon in the bottom right of your screen (Will discount to $0 when redeemed)

This one of a kind colorway is dyed on my Soft Rose base!

If you’re wondering what tonals I would recommend to pair with this month’s rewards colorway, it would be my - Nutmeg, Gallivant, & Spearmint colorways!

I have loved hearing how many of you are collecting each month's colorways as they come out. I might just be doing the same thing and saving them for one epic project. 🫢 Don't forget to tag me if you share, because I would love to see! ⁠


Each month, I will be dyeing limited quantities of a brand new, OOAK colorway that will ONLY be available if you use the rewards program. I will be announcing on Instagram each month, before it becomes available! Collect SPECKLES over the course of a month to redeem them before the colorway of the month expires, or save them up for the next month's colorway! ⁠

I set up three tiers (10g + 20g + 100g) that all feature the same colorway with different speckle levels. Perfect for if you fall in love with a particular month's colorway and need to get that extra yardage. 🙃⁠

Want to start earning your speckles this month?! Click the rewards icon in the bottom right hand corner of our website to start earning now!⁠

The full skein option typically sells out quick. If you redeemed speckles for an option that is sold out, you will still not be able to checkout with the item. You can either keep the reward code for next month, or email us and we will refund your speckles so you can save them for the next month. Your speckles will never expire!

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