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Inspired by the iconic siesta culture in Spain, where the entire country takes a blissful mid-day rest. This semi-solid jeweled pink colorway invites you to embrace a moment of rejuvenation in the midst of your knitting or crocheting.⁠

For an invigorating combination,  pair Siesta with Creative Liberty, a colorway that embodies the spirit of artistic freedom, or grab the sock set (linked here). The interplay of Siesta's jeweled pink tones with the captivating hues of Creative Liberty, creates a symphony of color that celebrates the beauty of self-expression and rest.

Alternatively, explore the contrast achieved by pairing Siesta with Golden Alley. The juxtaposition of Siesta's serene pink with the golden tones of Golden Alley adds a touch of excitement and flair to your makes!

In addition to full-size skeins, Siesta is also available in a 10g mini set featuring other tonal colorways from the Yarn-ary Islands Collection. 


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