Part One of My Autumnal Collection 2023 is Available Now and Ready to Ship! Part One of My Autumnal Collection 2023 is Available Now and Ready to Ship!

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Some of the bases on this listing are sold out and are now available for PRE-ORDER that will ship the at the end of October! (Purchase pre-orders on their own or with other pre-orders only)

Introducing "Streetcar" - Inspired by the pastel palette and the iconic yellow streetcars that grace the city, this colorway features a blend of pastels with speckles of bright orange and neon yellow, reminiscent of the streets of Lisbon. ⁠
Just like the facades of Lisbon's buildings painted in soft hues of yellow, pink, blue, and green, this speckled colorway captures the essence of the city's Mediterranean climate and adds a touch of warmth to your knitting and crochet projects. Many buildings in Lisbon also feature walls of vibrant azulejos (traditional Portuguese tiles) in vivid blues, greens, yellows, and other lively hues, which you can see throughout the photos of my Yarn-ary Islands Collection! ⁠

Additionally, the colorful laundry hanging from the windows and balconies of the city's neighborhoods adds another layer of visual interest and color, as displayed in my
Everyday Charm Minis Collection.

To further accentuate the yellows in Streetcar, consider pairing with its complementary tonal: Static, or grab the sock set (linked here). The pastel tones of Streetcar beautifully complement the bright yellow, semi-solid skein of of Static. For an alternative combination, blend Streetcar with Marmalade or Anemone. The warm tones of Marmalade or Anemone provide a striking contrast against the pastel palette of Streetcar, infusing your projects with an eye-catching and playful aesthetic.

Streetcar is also available in a 20g mini set featuring other speckled colorways from the Yarn-ary Islands Collection. Also, check out the Progress Keeper Charm I designed to go with this colorway, crafted by @lach_and_lou!


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