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Inspired by the glistening waters of Puerto Del Rosario, found on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canaries. This tonal colorway features a delicate and enchanting aquatic hue, reminiscent of the pristine waters that grace the island's shores. Its semi-solid nature adds depth and dimension to your knitting and crochet projects, perfect for summer!⁠

For a the full Canary Island experience, pair Tranquility with my vibrant Beach Party colorway, or just grab the sock set (linked here)! The soft, aquatic tones of Tranquility beautifully complement the lively hues of Beach Party, blending serenity and energy in your projects. Tranquility is also available in a 10g mini set featuring other tonals from the Yarn-ary Islands Collection.

If you desire a darker, contrasting effect, consider combining Tranquility with Fisherman's Hamlet. This darker blue shade will create a striking contrast against the bright aqua of Tranquility, adding depth and drama to your projects.