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Sail Away

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Inspired by the lively marina at Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife in the Canaries, this colorway features a cream-colored base that serves as a canvas for splashes of speckles that consist of dark purple leaning navy, yellow, and aqua, not to mention the striking pink. Just like the pops of color shining amidst the white sails of the boats at port, Sail Away captures the essence of nautical charm.⁠

When we explored the marina, I was truly inspired by this scene, and particularly a hot pink bucket that a sailor was using to hold his soapy water while he washed his boat. What really got my wheels turning was seeing how perfect the colors of all these ordinary objects looked together. I think it exemplifies what I imagine to be the quaint everyday life at sea. ⁠

Pair with Material Girl, or grab the sock set (linked here). My hot pink Material Girl tonal beautifully complements the pink splashes in Sail Away, adding a burst of pink to your knitting and crochet projects. For a less “hot” pink coordinating tonal, consider Flora or my personal favorite alternative: Anemone, for a classic look.

Also, check out the cute boat Charm I designed to go with this colorway. Of course it was beautifully executed, and crafted by Lindsay of @simplyservinghk!