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Inspired by architectural beauty of Lisbon, Portugal, this tonal colorway showcases a deep earthy clay color, reminiscent of the reddish-brown hues that define the terracotta ceramics used in Lisbon's architecture. The warmth and depth of this colorway bring to mind a sense of timelessness, infusing your creations with a touch of rustic elegance.

There were many things on our trip that reminded me I was not in America anymore, but nothing truly showed me that fact quite like the sea of terracotta roofs peppering the pastel city of Lisbon! The moment we reached our lookout point (shown in the last picture), I knew I had to create this colorway!

Create a striking contrast by pairing Terracotta with Golden Alley. The deep, earthy tones of Terracotta beautifully complement the brighter tones of Golden Alley, allowing you to add a touch of vibrancy and contrast to your knitting or crochet projects.


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